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Whse Acct Reqmts

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Welcome to Nancy's Knit Knacks wholesale info page

Wholesale customers - Wholesale accounts are customers who resell our products to their customers. Wholesale accounts must meet certain requirements as listed below. They receive our lowest prices and are instrumental in helping to promote our products to our mutual customers.  In order to protect our existing whse customers, we require that new whse customers must meet all of our requirements or they may be categorized as Professional Courtesy customers instead.

Please note there is a minimum $400 opening order requirement for new Whse accounts - see below for details

To open a Wholesale account, customer needs to do the following:
  1. Review all of the information contained on this webpage
  2. Comply with the requirements listed on this webpage
  3. Complete the Wholesale Info Form which is linked at the bottom of this page (the form is on our online shop)
  4. Register in our online shop - link
  5. Secure our approval of your application. Please call us if in a hurry.
  6. If your application is approved, we will then "tag" your online account as Whse or Pro and notify you of our decision. At that point, you will be able to log in and place your opening order at whse price levels. Please ensure that your opening Whse order meets our requirements as listed on this page othrwise it may be held up and delayed or even rejected.

Note: Please note 90% (or more) of our Wholesale/Professional inquiries are really for Professional Accounts, not for Wholesale. If you don't want to genuinely resell our products but you just have a need for high quality ball winders or swifts for your business, then simply request a Professional Courtesy account instead.

Please review the following requirements for opening a Wholesale Account:

Wholesale Account Requirements
1.Must be Knitting and/or Spinning related
Customer must own and operate an existing knitting-spinning related business. 50% or more of revenue must be from knitting-spinning related sales. New businesses which have not yet opened may also qualify, however, NKK will need evidence that the new business is underway in terms of location, licensing, product offerings, etc.
Additonal Requirements
Customer must already be selling more than just their own products to the public.
NKK requires a commitment from the customer that they want to actively promote the sale of NKK products and they must provide a brief overview of what products they plan to sell.
Business Types
Businesses can be: brick and mortar yarn (or other fiber related) shops, catalog/Internet, subscription service, fiber show vendor, fiber related schools with active product sales, and other businesses as approved by NKK (*see Amazon requirements below).
3 Initial Orders-Min. Opening Order - These are the 3 ways you can open an account

  1. Basic Order Type - Accounts can be opened with a minimum $400 order (based on whse prices) which can include one Ball Winder as part of the $400 requirement. If the customer includes a ball winder in their initial order, they must also purchase a minimum of $250 worth of our small knitting and spinning tools or custom needle gauges. Additional Ball Winders (units #2 and 3) shall not count toward the $400 requirement (see next item). but can be included on the order.
  2. Equipment Resellers - If customer wants to sell equipment (Ball Winders, Swifts or Skein-winders), a minimum of four (4) units of any of these items from the same product category (i.e. 4 ball winders or 4 swifts, etc.) must be purchased after which the customer may add the purchase of individual units from any of the other product categories to the opening order. Note: Product categories consist of Ball Winders, Swifts and Skein-winders.
  3. Swift and Skein-winder orders - If the initial order includes a Swift or Skein-winder or a combination of these items plus other accessories, the customer must still purchase a minimum of $250 worth of knitting and/or spinning tools for resale.

Note: Power Bases may be added to the opening order after the above requirements have been met.
Note: We no longer extend Whse status to someone buying custom needle gauges. Anyone can buy custom needle gauges and receive preferential prices on the gauges if they buy the minimum qty or greater.
4.Amazon resellers
In an effort to start limiting the number of resellers who are actively selling our products on Amazon, a number of requirements shall be imposed:

  1. Amazon resellers must divulge their plans to sell our products on Amazon to NKK at the outset of establishing an NKK Whse account.
  2. Such resellers must already be involved in the sale of knitting-spinning related products and such sales must be worth 50% or more of their total sales.
  3. Non-Fiber Related businesses - NKK desires to only have knitting-spinning related businesses selling its products on Amazon and on all other portals. NKK does not wish to have businesses, which are not involved in knitting-spinning related product sales in one way or another, selling its products. Businesses which are not involved in the fiber arts and which are selling our products on Amazon shall either be denied an account or phased out over time. Businesses which change their product focus and markets over time and which sell NKK products, may have their Wholesale accounts cancelled by NKK with 30 days notice.
  4. Returns - Businesses which do sell on Amazon must document how they will manage returns from Amazon including methods for dispositioning "defective" returns back to NKK.
  5. MSRP - NKK prefers that its resellers which sell its products on Amazon sell at the listed MSRP.
  6. Amazon Account Limit - Notwithstanding whether the above requirements have been met, NKK may elect to not accept new accounts who want to sell on Amazon at any time.
  1. Payment method  - All new accounts must pay by Credit Card or PayPal on their first order.  Thereafter, at NKK's option, follow-on orders may be sold on Net 30 day terms provided the customer's credit limit has not been exceeded.
  2. Wholesale accounts must maintain their accounts on a current basis (i.e no past due balances) or they shall be required to pay by credit card/PayPal at time of shipment.
  3. Payment Terms - Net 30 terms vs. Credit cards and PayPal - If an account prefers to pay by credit card or PayPal, they must pay for their order at time of shipment and not at the end of a Net 30 day cycle. If they do wait to pay at the end of a 30 day cycle by credit card or PayPal, NKK shall add a flat 4% fee to the invoice.
  4. Collection fees - Wholesale accounts shall be legally liable for any collection fees (up to 35%) that NKK must pay to 3rd party collection firms to collect past due invoices from customer.
  5. NKK May terminate a Wholesale account at any time for any reason.
  6. All domestic Drop Ship order requests from a Whse customer must be PREPAID regardless of what payment terms they normally use. NKK will not drop ship international orders.
  7. All International Wholesale customers must pay by credit card or PayPal at time of shipment.

Wholesale Account Application
Please visit the Wholesale & Professional Courtesy Info page in our online store and complete the form which is contained on that page in order to be considered for either type of account. Even if you need to place an order immediately, please complete this process and then contact us by phone or email

Important Note for Existing Wholesale customers
Wholesale Customers who are not active in selling NKK products may be re-categorized as either Professional Courtesy or even Retail customers. In which case, they will need to re-establish credit when seeking to purchase products for re-sale at the wholesale price level. A period of inactivity shall be defined as 24 consecutive months during with time either no purchases or aggregate purchases of less than $200/year have been made. Belts and motor purchases shall not count towards this requirement.
Wholesale customers are reminded that NKK wants active participating resellers who will promote NKK products to their customers. Such particiaption shall be measured in terms of the reseller's product purchases from NKK.   

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