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Yarn Shops

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Yarn Winding Equipment

Typical Yarn Shop Configurations consist of the following:

Ball Winder and Swift

The Yarn Shop needs to be able to wind yarn from a skein (on the swift) to a ball on a ball winder
They can do this by means of an umbrella swift and a plastic ball winder. But here is what will happen over time:

With a plastic ball winder, the ball winder's gear will strip out unless the yarn shop employees treat it extremely well and do not break it. Many yarn shops go through 2-4 of these per year. Some are able to get a few years out of each one.

The plastic ball winders have a small radius turning angle on the handle. This may lead to wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or other issues for the user if they wind a lot of yarn.

The other issue is the swift. The umbrella swifts are neat devices and very efficient with their utilization of space. But, they tend to be made from "popsicle sticks and string" in our opinion. So what happens to these is that the cords break or the wooden nut that you slide up to tighten the umbrella section strips out and it will no longer hold.

The other thing that umbrella swifts do is that they pop up at the end of the skein which is dangerous. The rapidly expanding arms  can hit the user (or another person standing nearby) in the face.

Plus with an umbrella swift, you must lean over it to load the yarn which is an awkward position for most people.

So, we think that if the shop uses our equipment they will benefit immensely and here is why:

Our Swift is commercial grade in terms of its design and construction. We use heavy Maple Hardwood and Aluminum extrusions for the main components. Plus we use custom machined stainless steel for the main shaft combined with high tech German designed bearings. Even our closest competitor uses a common bolt from the hardware store for the main shaft whereas all of our components are custom designed and engineered parts. With reasonable care, our systems will run for a lifetime.

All of our swift and ball winder systems are designed to be upgraded, but never replaced. We never require the user to buy a new system in order to upgrade it. Rather, we design the system to accept the upgraded parts,

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