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TNNA Exhibitors - 2016
Nancy's Knit Knacks no longer exhibits at TNNA Trade shows but we understand that you exhibited at this year's Summer show. Since we did not exhibit this year, there was no way for you to see our great products in action. However, we think that you may be interested in some of our products which are designed for use by commercial users, such as yourself!

We offer the leading BALL WINDER systems (both manual and motorized)
Having shipped about 10,000 units into the market since 2006 (well over 1,000 of which are motorized), we have become the ball winder manufacturer of choice for professionals, yarn shops, yarn companies, indie dyers, etc. Our motorized units are designed to run all day or all week long. The motorized ball winder will become your best employee and it does not take coffee or smoke breaks and you do not need to pay employment taxes for it, either.

We also make Electronic Yarn Meters (EYM). These work in conjunction with the ball winder. The EYM will accurately measure your yarn in either yards or meters (and even weight). It will also automatically turn your motorized ball winder off when the skein finishes or when it has measured the qty. that you requested.

Our line of swifts and skein-winders is also a market leader. We make both 2 and 4 yard swifts and skein-winders. These can be used manually or motorized. The skein-winder includes an electronic rotation counter which accurately measures your yarn as it is being either wound onto or off of the unit. It is a non-contact meter and it never touches the yarn. The meter can be set to measure a specific amount of yarn and then it will turn off the motor drive automatically.

Wholesale Price Offer ending July 1, 2016
For years, we had offered our professional customers (these are customers that have their own businesses but are not reselling our products), the opportunity to have their orders discounted to wholesale prices if their order equaled or exceeded $1,250 (at Prof Ctsy prices). After June 30 2016, this additional discount was eliminated and Professional Courtesy customers are only nowowentitled to Prof. Ctsy. prices regardless of order value.

(Professional Courtesy prices are halfway between Retail and Whse)

But TNNA 2016 Exhibitors can still place an order and get the wholesale pricing if their order meets or exceeds $1,250 based on Prof. Ctsy pricing. This extension thru 8/12/2016 is being offered because we failed to get this offer issued during June.

So if you were considering ordering equipment now or at a later date, we recommend that you do it now to take advantage of this special offer. If your total order value is less than $1,250, you are still entitled to Professional Courtesy pricing plus we will cover 1/2 of your freight cost (domestic USA only - International will receive a discount of equal dollar value).

Please contact us by August 12 and let us know which equipment that you are interested in.

Price List info
You can Register in our Wholesale Section where you can download a price list by completing the form on this link. This section gives you access to price list.

Shopping Cart Registration
Also, if you want to place an order, you can use the Registration Code Pro (if you plan to order at Professional Courtesy prices) or B2B if you plan to order at Wholesale prices) and then Register in our Shopping Cart . Since you create your own username and password for both of these sections, you can use the same username and password during the registration process.  They are separate sections, however.

You can also call us and we can take your order over the phone

  1. Ball Winders
  2. Power Base for Ball Winder
  3. 2 Yard Swift
  4. 4 Yard Swift
  5. 2 Yarn Skein-winder
  6. 4 Yarn Skein-winder
  7. Motor option for Swifts and Skein-winders
  8. Electronic Yarn meter
  9. Various Double and Triple Yarn Guide options for Swifts and Skein-winders
  10. Floor Stand option
  11. and other products as well.

Remember, if you want to take advantage of the special Whse Price offer or the 50% off shipping offer for Professional Courtesy orders, then order or contact us by August 12th at the latest.

Our equipment will change the way that you operate - for the better, of course!
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