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Wholesale list no longer published

NKK Wholesale
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NKK will no longer publish a listing of its wholesale customers as of March 29, 2014. We just found that it was too difficult to maintain the list of over 1,000 shops. There were simply too many changes from year to year with new email, address, phone number, owner changes, closures, etc. Our list was growing but so were the number of errors within it.

We encourage our shops to advertise the fact that they offer our products on their website along with the many other manufacturers that are often times listed there. Make it easy for your customers to know that you offer our products. Customers have many choices in terms of where they can buy products nowadays so let them know they can get them in your shop.

We also have a wide variety of tools and it was extremely rare that any given shop would have more than 10-20% of our product offering in stock which could lead to customer frustration when they visited a shop.

Going forward we will direct customers to call their favorite local yarn shop and see if the shop carries NKK products and if not, ask the shop owner to order the item for them.

Hopefully, this system will work better than using an inaccurate, published list.

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