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US Tax Season - a good time to remember...

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As April 15th gets closer it is a good time to remember the importance of making investments in your business and taking advantage of tax deductions. There are a few items that a yarn shop owner or indie dyer can invest in that will both increase their efficiency as well as provide relief from income taxes.

Computers, displays and furniture, and winding equipment. You may have thought that having high performance winders was a luxury but you should really think of it as a necessity.

Having motorized winders saves your arm and your sanity. Who wants to stand and wind yarn all day by hand? Very few people that we know of. Virtually everyone wants the equipment to run itself while they do more productive things with their time.

Sure, the equipment costs money but so did those fixtures and the computers and the software. What about employee cost? These are high as well. When you really think about the cost benefit ratio of having motorized ball winders or skein-winders that run everyday on a few pennies of electricity while you use your valuable time to get some work done or help a customer, the decision to invest in this equipment is a no-brainer.

Hundreds of your fellow shop owners have installed this equipment since 2008 (yes, as long 6 years ago). Once they went electric they never looked back. Now they are "addicted" to motorized winders and that is a good thing. People are happier and less stressed out and less tired whe they let the motor do the winding.

So as you send in your tax forms this year, think about making that investment and improving your working life for both yourself and your employees (plus your customers will appreciate it as well) and get motorized equipment from Nancy's Knit Knacks. Then next tax season you can also get a nice deduction that you did not get this year!

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