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Swift Demand has picked up

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We introduced our line of swifts and skein-windes in the late summer of 2010 - 4 years ago. Demand was always healthy but in the last few months demand has really picked up. Swifts and skein-winders, while not sold in the same quantities as our ball winder, have become much more popular.

Our swifts and skein-winders are like fine instruments. Users have used umbrella swifts for their entire lives. But our unit changes everything. When the user removes it from the box they immediately realize that they were playing with toys before and now they are using a commercial grade tool.

Not only is it heavy duty it is flexible:

  • Floor stand or table top

  • Manual or motorized

  • Meterized or not

  • Single, double, or triple skein guides

So, if you thought our ball winders were the greatest thing since peanut butter, try or swift or skein-winder. You will fall in love instantly.

Bob Shroyer

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