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SuperDuPer Tubes announced!

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We have just announced our latest new product, the SuperDuPer DP Tubes which are a large version of our DP Needle Tubes.
These new larger tubes will hold a complete set of 5 Double Pointed needles in sizes ranging up to US #13 (4 #15's can fit into the tube).
Our existing DP Tubes can hold a set of 5 needles up to size US #10. So these new larger tues fill the remaining product space.

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  • Whse price is $3.00 per pack of 2 tubes. Retail is $6.00

  • Color: Purple and bright yellow glossy paper (purple is the predominate external color).

  • The tubes have an inside diameter of 1" and can accommodate needles up to 10" long.

These new larger tubes are sure to be a hit. They are the result of customer requests that we received directly from customers.

Shipments will commence the beginning of April 2014.

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