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Major Equipment Purchases for Year End

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Many shop ownerrs and other fiber related business owners will be trying to come up with major purchases for the end of their fiscal year for tax benefit reasons.
However,m you can only own so many computers or printers. Now is a great time to think of upgrading the equipment in your shop.

We offer high performance ball winding systems, swifts, skein-winders, electronic metering systems. As you probably already know, these are not inexpensive systems, they are commercial grade and will outlast any equipment that you already have.  But because they are not inexpensive, they will help you reach a spending amount that you may have targeted for tax reasons.

We can work with you to book your order before January 1st and either ship it before year end, or in the case where we are out-of-stock on an item, record your prepayment for the goods to properly document that the purchase was made prior to the end of the year.

If we are unable to ship your order before January 1st, we will pay the freight for the item or items that failed to ship.   (USA lower 48 states, all others receiev a similar credit).

Now is the time to act and get your order in before the year ends and you aren't able to write off this large purchase for yet another year.

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